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PVC Ceiling Company Ltd located at #137 Southern Main Road, Edinburgh Village, Chaguanas is the leading supplier in high quality PVC Ceiling, Wall Panels and finishing Profiles in the Caribbean.


 PVC Ceiling & wall panels, the newest Ceiling Product available here in Trinidad and Tobago is available for both Wholesale & Retail distribution.   It is made from Precision Extruded PVC and comes in various Colors and Designs ranging from wood grains, onyx, granite and marble finishes.  This decorative, hollow, wall and ceiling Panel, finished with an ink or foil coating, is excellent for use in commercial or residential areas.


 Our Indoor & Outdoor panels which are waterproof, termite proof, light weight, non- mildewing, sea blast resistant, heat & sun resistant, fire retardant (M1 fire rating: flame resistant, self extinguishing, and non-drip), comes in standards lengths of 8” x 19.5’ & 10” x 19.5’ is also resistant to chemical products such as bleach & hydrochloric acid can also be recycled. 



PVC Ceiling Company Ltd introduces Imperial Steel Security Doors that are heavy blow resistant and ideal for use in commercial or residential properties.




1.   Roll formed door frame:

      Double layered and welded door frame with elegant molded finish. 

2.   Lockset:

      This highly impact and attack resistant lock features twelve locking beaks which are located at 4

      points of the door.  Nine on the lock style and three in the head. 

3.   Hinges:

      Every door features 4 pre-hung adjustable hinges.  Each hinge is thick, wide and reinforced to deal

      with extreme conditions. 

4.   Peephole:

      Featuring a stainless steel outer and wide angle view.  It offers extra peace of mind and is standard

      on all entrance doors. 

5.   Anti theft thick door leaf:

      With interlocking mating joints as standard on the 70mm thick door leaf, it makes it near impossible

      to penetrate, plus giving maximum weather protection. 

6.   Stainless-steel doorsill


Imperial steel security doors come in various colors and in double, mini double and single doors.  These doors are finished with special electrostatic paint work to prevent scratches and color loss. 

Secure your homes with Imperial Steel Security Doors available only at The PVC Ceiling Company Ltd.









We sell a wide range of imperial decorative mouldings and ceiling medallions that fit many styles and design needs, inspired by trends from Europe and America and from various periods of history.  It is highly durable, moisture and flame resistant, CFC free and polyurethane. 

Imperial decorative mouldings and ceiling medallions are created for interior and exterior applications in houses, restaurants, offices, ballrooms, hobbies or anywhere there is need to enhance your decor.

Imperial decorative mouldings and ceiling medallions are: 

1.   Easy to install:  Light weight, can be sawed, planed, nailed, glued and painted like wood.

2.   Durable:  resistant to moisture, flame, mildew, acids and alkali.

3.   Economical:  Less expensive than wood or plaster and installation time is also faster.

4.   Environmentally safe:  Materials are CFC free and reduce timber consumption. 


Our range of imperial decorative mouldings and ceiling medallions include: 

1.     Corner Mouldings

2.     Carved Corner Mouldings

3.     Chair Rails and Plain Panel Mouldings

4.     Ceiling Medallions

5.     Corbels

6.     Wall Accessories

7.     Mirror Frames

8.     Ornaments

9.     Stair Ornaments

10.   Doorway and Window Accessories

11.   Exterior Decorations

12.   Adhesives                                                                                                    










It has the look of New Wave aluzinc sheeting and comes in various attractive colors.

 It is made from PVC with modifying agents as follows: 

A.   Ultraviolet Radiation Absorption Agent:  convert the ultraviolet energy into thermal radiation with         

       The simultaneous release of energy or avoid the damage by ultraviolet. 

B.   Shield Effect Agent:  stop the penetration of sunlight. 

C.   Oxidation Resistance Agent:  anti-aging. 

D.   Modifying Agent:  make the tile more tenacious and stronger.

E.   Foaming Agent:  forma foam structure so as to obtain the sound and heat insulation effect. 

Imperial UPVC Roofing is: 

1.   It is more durable and has better heat insulation than ordinary tiles by adding special chemical


2.   It has the feature of sound insulation and it is lighter than ordinary materials because of its foam


3.   It is easy to be fixed, cut, nailed and drilled. 

4.   It is acid proof, alkali proof, erode proof.  The service life can last more than 20 years in the

      semitropical areas. 

5.   It is stronger and more tenacious than traditional roof tiles.




Maintenance & Installation Procedures


This product which requires little or no maintenance can be easily cleaned using everyday household cleaning products. NB. Abrasives or any product containing ammonia shouldn’t be used as damages to the ink or foil coating on your panels as well as discoloration will occur.


For installation, a metal or wood framing is recommended. Panels can be attached by stapling, nailing or screwing & shouldn’t be done more than 2 ft apart. It can also be glued directly on to the surface using Liquid nails. In this case it should be applied over a solid non-combustible backing such as concrete or wall board. Areas should be thoroughly cleaned before application & spaces should be filled using acrylic caulk or silicone


At PVC Ceiling Company Ltd, we have highly trained personnel offering a certified warranty on installation we provide Professional services such as:

·        Free onsite estimates

·        Consultation

·        Financing

·        Installation

·        Transport



Some of our Clientele include:

·        Ministry of Housing

·        Southern Supplies Group of Companies

·        ASJA Mosque

·        HCU

·        Arawak Group of Companies

·        Blue Waters Co. Ltd

·        Ministry of Forestry Division



 Our kind courteous staff is always willing to assist you & help you create the warm, classy look to your homes or offices if you desire. Please feel free to call the PVC Ceiling Company Ltd for more information.


                   WE ARE THE PVC CEILING EXPERTZ!



Sharda Mahadeo
Sunny Jibodh

PVC Ceiling Company Limited
137 Southern Main Road Edinburgh

Phone: 868 665 8916 , 868 672 3606


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Last updated September 16th 2009