Arima Door Centre Limited 

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Arima Door Centre Holdings Company Limited



“Every house must carry at least seven doors.”

                                         Mr. Eustace Nancis



In 1980, with $20 in his pocket and armed only with tenacity and a drive to succeed, a young Eustace Nancis started his small welding shop on a 5000sq foot plot in his hometown of Arima. Today, that small shop has grown exponentially over a four (4) acre spread to become the Arima Door Centre Holdings Company Limited encompassing its diverse subsidiaries: Arima Door Centre Limited, General Farms Limited, a Real Estate Company and most recently, the addition of Polyplas (2002) Limited.


The success of this company lies primarily in the determination and foresight of its owner who, in 1984, grasped the opportunity to branch off into the manufacturing of doors and related products by absorbing a small woodworking shop which eventually became the Arima Door Centre Limited. This company originally started as a small window and strip manufacturer, distributing their products solely on the local market. By 1985, new strategies were implemented which included an extended range of designs and upgraded equipment for the growth and continuation of the company. The newly formed company focused its energies on producing mainly entrance doors for the growing demand in the construction industry, especially in the housing market.


Arima Door Centre Limited manufactured all their doors on site at their factory on Cleaver Road, Arima and this process continues to date. Raw lumber is sourced both locally and internationally. Pine is imported from the United States but most all of the hardwoods are native. The use of indigenous materials like cedar, teak and mahogany from local producers has also aided the depressed timber industry by creating a much needed demand for their lumber. Essential to the manufacturing process though, is the utilization of a specialized labour force. The recent boom in the construction industry has created a huge demand for labour which has taken a toll on many of the local manufacturing industries who find it a challenge in the extreme to acquire, train and most importantly, maintain an adequate and skilled staff. In this regard, Arima Door Centre Limited takes great pride in their longstanding work force and sees this as one of their major advantages over their competitors. The dexterity of their craftsmen, some of whom have given dedicated service to the company for over 20 years, is unmatched. This is notably reflected in the quality of their doors which are renowned for their superior strength and durability.

In his ceaseless efforts to expand the company, Mr.Nancis began to venture into foreign markets. In 1988, Arima Door Centre Limited attended a major international export show in Trinidad where they successfully showcased their products and were able to establish an export market. From this point onwards, they experienced a steady growth within the Caribbean countries and began to focus on their export thrust. The domestic market was inundated with doors and other wooden products that were imported from cheaper sources. Consequently, through extensive research they realized it was more profitable to market their products abroad than try to compete locally. In the following years, Arima Door Centre Limited saw an annual increase of over 100% in their export sales. As a result of this unprecedented achievement, in 1990 the company made the decision to be export-oriented with 90% of their products directed towards foreign markets throughout the Caricom, Margarita and Suriname. This progressive move, with the implementation of marketing and developmental strategies, proved to be extremely successful.


On the heels of this success, the company began to diversify and venture into other viable industries. In 1994, the parent group Arima Door Centre Holdings Company Limited was created primarily to acquire and develop real estate property and in so doing, generate profits for the expanding company. This was followed by the formation of General Farms Limited in 1999, to supply chickens to the country’s demanding domestic market. Later, their acquisition of Polyplas (2002) Limited also contributed to the company’s consistently increasing asset base. Like Arima Door Centre Limited, Polyplas (2002) Limited is export-oriented and ships its range of plastic water tanks, barrels, bins and other Rotational Moulding products to most Caribbean countries as well as South American markets.


Throughout their phenomenal history of growth and accomplishments, EXIMBANK has provided solid and unwavering financial support for over 20 years. With the provision of a Working Capital Facility, Arima Door Centre Holdings Limited was able to discount bills and have cash in hand within 24-48 hours of shipping. This facilitated opportunities to invest, diversify and optimise production, whereby gaining larger market share and significantly increasing their asset base. Apart from customized financing, EXIMBANK has also provided Arima Door Centre Holdings Limited with the unique advantage of Matchmaking Services. This service has enabled them over the years to source various markets, especially in South American countries, liaise with foreign merchants and effectively break into new commercial ventures.


Today, Arima Door Centre Holdings Company Limited continues on their path to success, capitalizing on the local market’s drive to fulfill Vision 2020 with the construction of thousands of new residences. Through their collaboration with EXIMBANK, and despite mass importation on the domestic scene, Arima Door Holdings Limited continues to maintain market share while strengthening their efforts towards global penetration.


Eustace Nancis - Managing DIrector
Michelle Watkins - Executive Assistant
Sherry-Ann Rondon - Office Manager

Arima Door Centre Limited
4 Cleaver Road

Phone: 868 642 3509
Fax: 868 642 0306


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Last updated June 17th 2008