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Fred’s Hardware and General Contractors Ltd was established on November 2001 under the leadership of both Mr. Alfred Boodoosingh and Mr. Michael Boodoosingh. With headquarters located at #32 Saddle Road Maraval, Trinidad and Tobago. Fred’s Hardware and General Contractors Ltd provides superior services within the construction industry including supply of all materials, labour and equipment. Our goal is to exceed the expectations of every client by offering outstanding customer service, increased flexibility and greater value, thus optimizing system functionality and improving operation efficiency. Fred’s Hardware and General Contractors Ltd are clearly distinguished by our functional and technical expertise combined with their hands-on experience, thereby ensuring that our clients receive the most effective and professional service. Within our years of operation, Fred’s has grown tremendously and strives to deliver noting but the best serious and customer satisfaction at its highest quality.    

Fred’s Hardware and General Contractors Ltd aims to be a leader in providing value- added construction and general civil works to our customers by creating a successful partnership with them throughout project life cycle. Our pledge is to establish lasting relationships with our customers by exceeding their expectations and gaining their trust and goodwill through exceptional performance by every member of the professional team.

To provide, efficient, effectively and consistently, quality service designed exclusively with the interest of our client’s requirements as well as to excute all projects, effectively and expeditiously, in order to achieve the highest level of client satisfaction.
To achieve an above average rate of return consistent with acceptable risk for our shareholders.
To provide our employees with a safe, worker friendly environment and to facilitate continuous personal and professional development.


Our organization is structured so as to deliver integrated solutions to suit our clients’ needs by providing a range of construction services and equipment which include:
Complete supply and construction of both commercial and residential from foundation to finish
Tilling, Ceiling, fencing
Earthworks- Backfilling and clearing of site
Demolition Works
Bridge Maintenance and Construction
Facilities Maintenance
Civil Engineering, Building Construction
Supply and Installation of Plumbing and Electrical Systems
Specialized Drainage Systems
Supply of Aggregates
Facilities Maintenance


Fred’s Hardware and General Contractors Ltd has a full complement of Professional and Technical staff in all areas of civil engineering construction and management. Furthermore, the company has an experience labour force to carry out any project. The company has available construction and engineering consultants to provide technical and construction management advice thus ensuring that all projects are completed at the highest standards, within budget and in a timely manner.
The company also has a full Health and Safety section to meet the requirements of the Occupation and Safety Health Ac 2004.

Our Professional and Technical Team Includes:
Engineers – Mechanical, Electrical and Civil
Project Managers
Fitters and Welders
Machine Operators
Site Managers, Site Supervisors and Construction Technicians
Administrative and support staff
Safety Managers
Fred’s Hardware and General Contractors Ltd also has a full administrative and project department at its head office to support the operational and construction teams. Please refer to Appendix A for a copy of the company’s organizational chart.


Throughout the years Fred’s Hardware and General Contractors Ltd existence, it have been able to acquire and have available the entire range of Civil and Mechanical Engineering equipment and plant.
The list of equipment includes:
Welding and fabricating equipment
Other construction accessories such as scaffolding, lighting towers, man lift ect
Hiab, flat bed, Dump and Tractor Trailer Trucks
Commercial Building #26 Eastern Main Road, San Juan (Completed)     $6.5million.
Commercial Building #32 Saddle Road Maraval (Completed)   $7million.
Residential (3 Bedrooms) #10 St. Helena (Completed)  $900,000
Commercial /Residential #5 La Pastora Road Santa Cruz (In Progress) $4million.
Box Drain 600m Central (Completed) $580,000
Box Drain 300m Union Village $290,000
Residential Foot Hill Arima (Completed) $4.2million.
Warehouse El Socorro San Juan $4million.
Demolition Work Woodbrook $400,000.
River Clean Up Bamboo (Completed) $150,000.
Commercial Building 12 Apartment Green Street Tunapuna (Completed) $3millions.
Commercial Building 8 Apartment Road Tunapuna (Completed) $8million.
Commercial Building 8 Apartment Aranguez (In Progress) $1.2million.
Commercial Building St James Bonds road 3 Storey Steel Structure $4.5million.
Residential Hill Borough Renovation $400,000.
Warren Road Cunupia Foundation 300x80 $1.2million.

Fred’s Hardware and General Contractors Limited demands all employees to adhere to all laws and company policies with respect to Health and Safety. This policy establishes general ideals and principles towards a commitment to environmental responsibilities and best practices in Health and Safety. Through the implementation of this policy, Fred’s Hardware and General Contractors Ltd will strive to be a leader in the advancement of health, safety and environmental management within our community, facilities and operations. To this end we are guided by the general goals and guiding principles.

1. Commitment to Education and Continuous Improvement: Fred’s Hardware and General Contractors Limited is committed to monitoring existing controls and to proving information and training to all our employees with regards to Health and Safety matters. Our Company will ensure continuous improvement to actively seeking to use the information generated by the EHS system in order to improve the way the company functions.

2. Compliance with Health, Safety and Environmental Policies: Our Company is committed to complying with all applicable health, safety and environmental rules and regulations. Where the existing rules and regulation are inadequate to ensuring the identification, evaluation and controls of work related hazards affecting either the environment or the health and safety of workers, Fred’s Hardware and General Contractors Limited will amend our own health, safety and environmental quality standards.

3. Development of a Safety Culture: It is the policy of Fred’s Hardware and General Contractors Limited, when engaged on or associated with any structural work or other projects, to ensure that all reasonable and practical safe-guards are implemented an all employees and authorized visitors comply with all safety rules, regulations and procedures.
All employees must share the responsibility for commitment of this policy and must, at all times, refer to the Company’s safety manual. Our Company will continue to involve all employees in developing and continuing its EHS Program through consultation, participation, training and re-training.

The Project Manager is responsible for all engineering designs as outlined in the RFP. Design will be based on the client’s stated requirement and internationally accepted engineering principles. All standards shall be identified and outlined in the ISO 9001 standards for quality.


The Safety Method Statement shall cover all tasks by occupation. Additionally, it shall cover all areas listed hereunder:
1. Welfare Arrangements
2. Medical arrangements/first aid
3. Responsible persons
4. Assess and egress
5. Applicable regulations and standards
6. Method of works/sequence of events
7. Temporary works
8. Job hazard analysis and risk assessments
9. Personal Protective equipment
11. Equipment and tools
12. Material storage and handling
13. Specific safety rules
14. Rigging studies
15. Noise and environmental programs
16. Sub-Contractor elements
17. Policies and procedures

These elements will be outlined in details and it is the responsibility of the Project Manager and Project Coordinator in conjunction with the HSC Coordinator to ensure that all aspects of the Scope of Works are analyzed and the Safety Method Statement addresses all concerns of the tasks by occupation to be undertaken by all personnel.


All works outlined shall be inspected, tested and certified based on the Quality Standards and Procedures required by the Clients. All work shall be inspected by the Project Manager to verify quality and adherence to the Company’s stated policies and procedures and specialized work being tested and certified by an independent source to verify of workmanship and specification procedures.


It is the policy of Fred’s Hardware and General Contractors Limited to provide a safe and healthy place of employment for all its employees, contractors, associates as well as the public.
It is therefore the purpose of this policy to:

1. Abide by all local legislations, international regulations and standards and industry codes and practices as they pertain to the operation of Fred’s Hardware and General Contractors Limited.

2. Apply good sense and safe practices to all projects.

3. Exercise good judgment in the application of this policy.

4. Protect all employees, clients, associates and the general public from any hazards which may result from our operations.


Mr. Alfred Boodoosingh – Managing Director/Premises Developer
Contact No. 390-5738
Mr. Neil Boodoosingh – Director /Project Manager/ Premises Developer
Contact No. 390-5545
Mr. Michael Boodoosingh – CEO /Consultant/Project Manager
Contact No. 687-9639 or 390-5522
Mrs Petrena Maraj – Interior Designer /Furnishing Consultant and Realtor
Contact No. 758-8716
Mr. Aakash Panday- Project Manager/ Electrical Engineer
Contact No. 484-7565
Megan’s Real Estate (One of the countries top Realtor)
Contact No. 758-8716/645-9588/222-7248
#30-32 Saddle Road Maraval, Trinidad W.I.
Tel: (868) 628-5104 / 628-6801 Fax: (868) 662-2529
Email: [email protected]

Fredís Hardware and General Contractors Ltd
#32 Saddle Road Maraval
Port of Spain

Phone: (868) 628-5104


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