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Founded in 1962, the Teachers Credit Union was set up to meet the needs of the professional educational community. It remains exclusively a teacher's union with rank and file membership from all corners of Trinidad and Tobago.

The Union proudly boasts a membership of over 12,000 teachers.

President's Welcome Address

Let me welcome all our fellow travellers on the road in this new Millennium and let me at the outset tell you it's been well worth travelling with us.

We in Trinidad and Tobago are well aware of the effects of economic liberalization with its attendant characteristics of Free Market Economies, elimination of Protective Tariffs and Price Controls, an abundance of financial products and services, cut throat competition, volatile prices, advanced computer technology and instantaneous information.

In "Teachers" there is up to date technology, while at present we are making a serious effort at offering you diversified and innovative products. Also, when compared to our competitors we have established low cost activities with proven management, all aimed at producing a philosophy of building self-reliance and mutual self help.

And, so while we are concerned with the day to day operations of our Society, we have in our panoramic view the image of where we are going. We keep informing you of possible changes through our Newsletter; the Credit Committee was also involved with adjustments to the Loan Policy. We have revised our Bye Laws so as to move our Credit Union from the Traditional Credit Union of old to a new model type business organization.

We at "Teachers" give you our undertaking that we will service the demands of the new age with a model Credit Union based on business orientation, profitability, responsiveness to services, institutional stability and borrowers, a concern with operating ratios, and the harnessing of public trust.

Finally, I wish to give you the assurance that we shall continue to operate in a culture of commitment and trust. We have got the impression too that we are well thought of by our depositors and because of this we can boast of a stable and committed customer base.

I wish to remind you that the foundation of Credit Union philosophy is people helping people. Members join with one another in a cooperative form and structure to encourage savings by offering a good return, we also use collective monies to make loans at competitively low interest rates to members and to provide other financial services. Credit Unions are organizations of people not money, and members are at the heart of the Credit union Movement. They are the reason for the Credit Union’s existence. The Credit Union responds to their needs and they ultimately control the direction and services of their cooperative institution. They can and do bring about change in their services offered by the Credit Union and the way these services are offered. You the members are the owners and the only “customers” of the Credit Union.

I give you the assurance that we at the Administrative level of your Society will continue to do our best in keeping Teachers Credit Union buoyant and afloat. Further, we believe that our place among the top Credit Unions in the country remains secure. We at Teachers Credit Union embrace the theme “ Safety and Soundness” and we feel confident that we are doing all in our power to keep our Society alive and in good financial health.

May I remind you that the basis of the philosophy of Credit Unions evolve around its motto “ NOT FOR PROFIT, NOT FOR CHARITY, BUT FOR SERVICE.” This is the essence of the movement, but while profit margins are essential for economic viability, the Credit Union puts its focus on service. Service to members is what distinguishes Credit Unions from other financial institutions.



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Mission Statement

  To provide financial and other related services in a manner that:

  1. Anticipates and satisfies the financial needs of members in the areas of saving and borrowing.
  2. Provides and environment in which employees can perform not only in their best interest, but also in the interest of the whole organization.
  3. Maintains a level of earnings, which will support sustained economic growth.
  4. Responds to and promotes the well being of members in a manner which ultimately makes the organization their sole financial institution.

Rawle Richardson - President
Wilfred Phillips - Vice President
Don Lai Leung- Treasurer
Rudolph Gordon - Secretary

Teachers Credit Union
68-72 Maraval Road\
Port of Spain

Phone: 868 628 8129 , 868 628 8155 , 868 628 3535
Fax: 868 622 4434


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Last updated June 13th 2010