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We are a dynamic, financial, institution committed to sustaining the trust, confidence and well being of our membership through superior products, service excellence and a highly empowered team of management & staff.


To uniquely position ourselves as the foremost provider of total financial and social gratification to our customers.

Financial Services

Budget Organizer
Our Budget Organizer is a loan that will take care of all your recurring annual expenses; Life Insurance, Land & Building Taxes, Motor Vehicle Insurance, Water Rates, Property Insurance Tuition & Club Fees.

Christmas Loan
This Loan is available during the first two weeks in December. The Maximum amount of the loan is $1000.00 and is repayable over a six month period commencing on the last day of February of the following year.

The Deposit Advantage
The Deposit Advantage - A Fixed Deposit that will earn you excellent rates of interest from as little as $500.00. Rates are negotiable on deposits over $25000.00.

We offer the following types of Loans:

Up to 90% financing

Unbeatable interest rates

Concessionary rates for first time homeowners

Low application & commitment fees

Bridging finance also available at the same interest rates as your particular mortgage

Shares/Savings Deposits
The strength of the Credit Union is represented by it's share capital.
Each share purchased is a contribution towards the pool of resources from which members borrow in time of need. The individual accumulation of shares increases the total wealth of the organisation.
As a share holder you are part-owner of the organisation, with an equal opportunity to benefit from all services the Credit Union provides.
Your shares assist you in meeting your present economic needs and is a major consideration  in your eligibility for loans.
Shares are a permanent form of savings
CLICO insures your shares so that in demise your beneficiary receives double the amount of shares held at the Credit Union to a maximum of $1000,000 in total.

This account is similar to a savings account at a commercial bank, where any amount may be deposited of withdrawn at short notice. Interest is paid at 4% per annum on minimum quarterly balances, which  will be credited to you deposit account semi- annually. The net proceeds from your salary may be deposited to this account. Standing Order facilities can be made available to pay bills, e.g. electricity, telephone, insurance mortgage etc.

The Teleserv system has been designed to provide members of the Police Service Credit Union with convenient access to:
account balance information and self approved loan applications
Members can dial into the database provided day or night, and access the facility 
Each member who requested and is assigned a PIN/Password is allowed the following options:


Members can access the system by dialing one of the following two numbers, From A Touchtone Phone, day or night. 86-0674-0926  or   868-674-0927

Annuity Plan

Agents for Unit Trust Corporation
The Trinidad & Tobago Police Credit Union has been granted Agency status by the Unit Trust Corporation for the purchase  and sale of units on it's behalf. Purchasing & selling of units can be done at any of the branch offices.
When you purchase your units through us, a commission  is received by the Credit Union which serves to increase income & ultimately the net surplus which translates in larger dividends to you.

Medical & Life Insurance
Medical and Life Insurance is provided to members of the Credit Union through CLICO's medical plan. All members of the Trinidad & Tobago Police Service Credit Union  shall be eligible for membership in the Group Health Plan one year after admittance to membership of the Credit Union and submit claims within six weeks after eligibility except in the cases of Dental an Vision Care when the waiting will be three months.
Ask at any of our offices about our Emergency Medical Plan
The Life Insurance benefit is automatic upon membership and a monthly contribution of $3.25 is compulsory. In the event of death by natural causes, $10,000.00 will be paid to the legal beneficiary , and in the case of accidental death, $20,000.00.
 Claims for death benefit must be processed with CLICO.
All proceeds of the benefit will be made payable to the Police Credit Union and same proceeds will be held in trust in the society until  the Letters of Administration of probate of will has been granted.

Small Business Development Loans
The Trinidad & Tobago Police Service Credit Union has entered into  and arrangement with the Small Business Development Company for the guaranteeing of business loans offered by the Credit Union to it's members.
(Ask about our Small Business Loan at any of our branches)

More Loan Information
It is the policy of the Trinidad & Tobago Police Service Credit Union Co-operative Society Limited to grant loans for prudent & productive services, to eligible member of the Credit Union, based on the following.

Categories Of Loans

Soft Loans - The Credit Union recognizes that emergencies will arise requiring ready cash. For such emergencies the Credit Union may offer a Soft Loan up to a maximum of $800.00 on any one application. One of the objectives of this loan is to keep members away from "Loan Sharks" who charge higher interest rates.

Self-Approved Loans - These are loans which do not exceed the member's share capital.

Credit Committee Loans

New Members
A new member will not be eligible for any loan exceeding their shares until six months of their membership has elapsed, except in cases of extreme emergencies, such emergencies will be determined by the Credit Committee
Your loans are ensured and claims for death benefits are processed whereby outstanding loans balances are cleared off by insurance.

We are pleased to inform that Library services are now available to our members. The Library was opened on December 29, 1999

Product Suppliers.

The Credit Union has made arrangements for members to acquire the following items from the under mentioned suppliers through the Consumer Department or any of its Branches

Batteries: Chamco Distributers Limited
7 South Quay, Port of Spain
42 Cipero St San Fernando

Tyres, Batteries: Automotive Components
Eastern Main Rd, Laventille or
Cnr South Trunk Rd & Dumfries Rd, La Romain

Pagers: National Paging
61-63 Edward St, Port of Spain

Tyres:  Burmac Ltd
South Quay, Port of Spain

Tyres, Batteries: Jack's Tyres Traders Ltd.
Cnr Yard St & Endeavour Rd, Chaguanas

Consumer Department

Our Consumer Durables Department carries a wide range of the most modern and to p of the line brands such as: Sharp, Goldstar, Pioneer, Samsung, Hot Point, Magic Chef, and Sony.
Appliances ranging from Electrical Household items (Stereos, Videos, Television Sets, Refrigerators, Stoves etc) Garden Tools and accessories (Lawn Mowers, Brush Cutters, Hoses) Car Accessories ( Speakers, Alarms, Car Decks, and Equalizers); lighting fixtures also available.
All consumer durables purchased come with full warranty and guarantee from their manufacturers. 
Ask about our Consumer Lending Policy

Mt Marie Rd, Tobago
Tel: (868) 639-2014, (868) 639-2056 Fax: (868) 639-1607

Tobago, the sister isle of Trinidad- one of the last unspoilt havens and safe havens in the world and especially in the Caribbean. Visitors can explore it's natural beauty, unique culture, and enjoy the company fo it's hospitable and friendly people.

Features & Services Offered:

Mr. Kent Adams - Manager

Trinidad & Tobago Police Service Credit Union Co-Operative Society Limited
61 Tenth Street

Phone: 868-674-4681 (Barataria) , 868-624-4389 (Consumer Outlet) , 868-639-4155 (Tobago)
Fax: 868-674-0160 (Barataria) , 868-624-3422 (Consummer Outlet) , 868-639-6633 (Tobago)


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