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Sanch Electronix Ltd. was established in March 1979 with the principal aim of manufacturing high quality loudspeaker systems. The company also imported audiophile consumer electronic equipment to complement these products.  With the downturn in the economy in the mid 1980's Sanch diversified its core business into the recording of local music for the production of cassettes and compact discs. It was felt that the music industry would offer significant growth in the medium and long term because of its potential to earn foreign exchange for both the company and the national economy.

Sanch provides consultancy services in the area of audio electronics and on-location digital recording. The company also runs a competent service department, which caters to the local electrotechnical industry. Sanch is a member of the Trinidad and Tobago Manufacturers' Association (TTMA) and the Copyright Organization of Trinidad and Tobago (COTT). The Managing Director, Simeon L. Sandiford is a voting member of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (NARAS) and a member of the International Who's Who of Professionals.

Our philosophy has always been to be at the leading edge of audio technology. We have represented such prestigious companies as McIntosh, Nakamichi, Oracle, Ortofon and more recently Paradigm, NAD, PSB, DPA Microphones, Kimber Kable and Pacific Microsonics.

Sanch has distributed audiophile compact discs for over 16 years. Our international repertoire contains music from Delos, Telarc, Reference Recordings,  Proprius, Opus Three, JVC Music and Putumayo, among others. Sanch promotes the corporate logos of the Tourism & Industrial Development Company (TIDCO) and The UWI Guild of Graduates (Trinidad & Tobago branch).

Sanch has produced the largest collection of digital steelpan recordings in the world, having manufactured over forty compact discs during the last 10 years. All new releases utilize HDCD
® encoding format, a proprietary technology developed by Pacific Microsonics.

Sanch has recently diversified its product range to include greeting cards, premium quality knitwear, limited edition prints and customised CD openers. These multimedia items all embrace the themes of our CD covers and are geared to a wider cross section of the global marketplace.

The company acknowledges the technical and financial assistance rendered by Caribbean Export in respect of development of extra regional markets. They share in the vision that cultural products will contribute significantly to this country’s sustainable foreign exchange earning capacity.

This year, the company will release eight commemorative albums to celebrate 15 years of digital recordings. Chronologically these are Pan for the People (double CD), Ah Wanna Fall, Good News, God of Music, Classics on Pan II, A Panyard Anthology (double CD), P al Destino and Showcase II.

What is unique to these albums is that they utilize the HDCDfi encoding format, a propriety technology developed by Pacific Microsonics. Microsoft now owns the patent for this pioneering technology, which brings unique strengths in digital audio signal processing that are increasingly important, as digital media become the primary sources of audio/visual entertainment.

Many of the top engineers around the world choose to work with the 38 studios that employ this leading  edge audio technology – twenty nine (29) are US based and only 9 others, including Sanch Electronix, make up the international locations.

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"Pan for the People"…the official launch of Panorama 2002


The Pacific Microsonics High Definition Compatible Digital® recording process

HDCD® was co-invented by well-known audio engineer Keith O. Johnson and computer

software designer Michael Pflaumer. It utilises a highly sophisticated

encode/decode system that greatly reduces both additive and subtractive

distortions, which are manifested during conventional digital recording and


The unprecedented sonic fidelity of the HDCD® process has been achieved by first

identifying the additive artifacts which tend to make reproduced music sound

harsh, irritating and congested; as well as the subtractive ones which generate

sterile and uninvolved sound, mainly as a result of inherent deficiencies in

conventional encoding processes. The HDCD® digital signal process cancels the

additive distortions while simultaneously providing additional information which

gives the listener important cues about the recording. This ensures that each

listening experience is an event not easily forgotten.

When an HDCD® encoded signal is fed to conventional playback equipment, the

additional information is perceived as a clear improvement in fidelity. However,

when that same signal is fed to an HDCD® decoder, it is reconstructed as

high-resolution, audibly superior sound of a quality previously associated

solely with first-generation analogue master tapes and direct microphone feeds.

This technology literally allows recordings to captivate the attention of the

listener to the extent where one feels that one is part of the original


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