Termite Attack Limited 

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Company Information

Termite Attack Limited is a Pest Control Company that is presently family owned and operated. We were incorporated six years ago and although relatively new, we have managed to pool together the caliber, expertise and equipment that would indulge the envy of our competitors. We are dedicated to the control and elimination of household pests that could make the home an uncomfortable place to be and the work environment undesirable.

The company is strategically linked to SMAL, as the nature of the construction industry will allow for the use of Pest Control Services in the primary stages of production. As a result, the company was created to capture the need for pest control services in the construction industry.

Mission Statement

It is our mission to provide our customers with a range of products and services to
preserve the value of their property by eliminating and controlling natural pests and
providing reliable and cost effective maintenance services while creating employment
opportunities for the communities within which we operate and producing a reasonable rate of return to investors on our shareholders investment.

We presently offer specific pest control services to residential and industrial clients. It is
one of our short-term goals to extend our marketing to residential, commercial and industrial thereby expanding our market share.

In the long term Management intends to expand further into General Maintenance and
Environmental Management Services seeking to produce our own brand of "Do it
Yourself Treatment products, that will protect and preserve the environment as well as
upkeep our clients surroundings.

Services Offered

We offer a wide range of pest control services that would add value to our clients'
property protecting it from the destructive effects of household pests.
Over the past five years, we have expanded into the provision of the following services:

It is our vision to expand from providing professional personalized pest control services
to general maintenance services that are user friendly and environmentally safe.


Methods of Operation

Our industry allows us to operate on a face to face basis with all our clients. Generally a
client will call and request our service and we will respond by visiting the site and giving
a free estimation. Our marketing strategy allows for calls by our clients based on
recommendations and basic advertising. We thereafter will enter negotiations with our
potential clients and the most efficient costing is agreed. Thereafter a formal quote is
provided and signed between the contracting parties. Once the contractual agreements are signed the job is concluded and the client is provided a guarantee certificate 


When we came into existence we had a start up capital of fifteen hundred dollars
($1500.00). Over the past five years, as it is with any other company we have watched
our assets grow to what it is to date.

We have managed to acquire key and regular clients in the manufacturing industry that
have faith in our company and the services that we provide. As a result, we are the chief
suppliers of pest control services to these firms that have offered us the security of
knowing that we do have a regular clientele.

We have to date successfully managed to diversify the company into a general
maintenance firm that has led to the success that we are now achieving. The varied fields that we have now entered have resulted in the company increasing its clientele and scope in terms of the market we currently operate.

Mr. Cavelle Joseph - Director
Mr. Mikey Joseph - Director

Termite Attack Limited
62-64 Main Road, Reform Village

Phone: (868) 650-4053 , (868) 765-9522
Fax: (868) 650-3997

Last updated 12th May, 2005