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Our History, Our Future, Our Mission:

R-TECH Industries Limited was born out of the need to provide an environmentally safe and effective pest control service in Trinidad and Tobago.

Our vision sought to provide an alternative to the present dictators of the fumigation and pest control market, thus bringing cost effective pest control services to the Caribbean while ensuring and maintaining
R-TECH Industries Limited’s high standards to all our customers.

R-TECH Industries Limited was registered with the Registrar of Companies on 2nd June of 1999 and incorporated on January 31st 2002.

R-TECH Industries Limited, a member of the National Pest Management Association (NPMA), prides itself in ensuring that safety, quality and cost effectiveness are not compromised while serving their customers.

R-TECH Industries Limited is constantly researching new technologies and making these available to their customers. That is why they are considered pioneers in the pest control industry. No job is considered too big or too small and the price is always within your budget.

You can count on
R-TECH Industries Limited to offer free consultation, advice, estimates and surveys anywhere and anytime.

Personal attention is given to each situation and that is the difference in
R-TECH Industries Limited’s fumigation services.

In terms of cost,
R-TECH Industries Limited provides its clients with competitive and comprehensive prices. These savings can be passed on to the end users and happy clients are what our business is about.

Memberships & Qualifications Information:

Services Offered:

Satisfied Clients:

These are just some of our satisfied and valued clientele:

Bhagwansingh’s Hardware - Container Fumigation
Tyre Warehouse Ltd. - Container Fumigation
Omicron Engineering Ltd. - Fumigation of Ships
Vidmar Shipping Ltd. - Fumigation of Ships
Paria Ship Suppliers - Warehouse Grain Fumigation
Matura Commissioning - Warehouse Grain Fumigation

Products and Technology Used by R-TECH Industries Limited:

II ThermaPure™
III Structural Fumigations
IV Wood Pallet Heat Treatments

R-TECH Industries Limited is the only company in the Caribbean and South America performing environmentally friendly fumigations with exclusive rights to ECO2FUME® fumigant gas and non-toxic pest control through Thermal Pest Eradication.

About ECO2FUME® Fumigant Gas

R-TECH Industries Limited received training and approval from Cytec Industries Inc., the largest producer of ECO2FUME®, for the use of the fumigant gas in Trinidad & Tobago in 1999. Fumigation technicians from R-TECH Industries Limited underwent a rigorous 4 day training period in the handling, operation and safety procedures in the use of ECO2FUME® fumigant gas.

As such,
R-TECH Industries Limited is now revolutionizing the fumigation market by the introduction of ECO2FUME® fumigant gas, an environmentally friendly fumigant which can be used on both food and non-food commodities.

ECO2FUME® fumigant gas is the ONLY approved suitable replacement for Fumitoxin Tablets and Methyl Bromide, a chemical that is now classified as one of the strongest known ozone depleting substances and. Methyl Bromide has already been scheduled for phase out by the United Nations.

ECO2FUME® fumigant gas has even been approved by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA). It also rivals its nearest competitor Vikane, since it has been approved by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and United States Food and Drugs Association (USFDA) for use in the fumigation of both food and non-food commodities.

ECO2FUME® fumigant gas comprises a mixture of 2% phosphine in 98% carbon dioxide media and can be used as a fumigant in all types of plant quarantine treatment, from container fumigations to ship cargo hold fumigation. It was especially designed for use in the grain industry, for control of pests in silos and warehouses as well as it can be used in homes to control dry-wood termites and other unwanted pests. There are many advantages of ECO2FUME® fumigant gas over traditional fumigants. Its ease of handling and operation as well as health and safety benefits it provides, allows ECO2Fume fumigant gas to consistently achieve successful and cost effective fumigations.

Summary of Areas of Use of ECO2FUME® fumigant gas:

ECO2FUME® fumigant gas is an easily applied method of fumigation which can be used in a wide variety of commodities and structures.

ECO2FUME fumigant gas currently has a full food and non-food label in the United States and is currently registered for use (both food & non-food) in Cyprus, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and now in Trinidad and Tobago via R-TECH Industries Limited.
ECO2FUME fumigant gas causes no germination problems on seeds.
ECO2FUME fumigant gas can be used to fumigate bulk animal feeds, seed, timber, bird food, tobacco, cut flowers and other non-food items listed on the label.
ECO2FUME fumigant gas is well suited to fumigate some structures and buildings like flour mills and food processing plants.

Bottom Line Advantages of ECO2FUME fumigant gas:


ECO2FUME is dispensed directly from cylinder into storage

Achieves required concentration within hours, regardless of moisture or ambient temperature

Highly effective by varying concentration levels and exposure periods

All insect stages are eliminated

Environmentally friendly -
ECO2FUME will not harm the ozone layer.


ECO2FUME can be dispensed directly into sealed storage structures from the outside - eliminates the need for confined space entry.

Avoids worker contact with gas

Creates a safe working environment for employees


Mixture is 2% phosphine and 98% CO2

Eliminates spontaneous flammability hazard found with traditional phosphine fumigation

Residue free

Controlled application results in less fumigant used and less residue on facilities and product being stored.


Disposal of solid fumigants is a growing problem. Traditionally, operators faced the difficult problems of having to dispose of un-decomposed solid fumigant or having to deal with flammable waste products. ECO2FUME® fumigant gas eliminates this problem in that there are no disposal issues when using it. Partially filled cylinders can be saved until the next application or unused product may be returned to the distributor via these cylinders.


ABOUT ThermaPure™ BY R-TECH Industries Limited

(The Hottest Chemical-Free Pest Control Under The Sun!)


R-TECH Industries Limited recently introduced Thermal Pest Eradication, the safest and fastest alternative to structural fumigations. This process uses heated air to kill pest in a matter of hours, and unlike gas fumigations, your home or office is safe during and immediately after treatment.

No toxic chemicals or fear of delayed poisoning to worry about. The 160ºF hot air is generated by state of the art 400KBTU Torpedo heaters, which can raise temperatures of the workspace to the required levels in a matter of minutes.

The process can be completed in as little as 3 hours for isolated treatments or between 6 to 12 hours for entire house treatments. Toxic gas fumigations as with other local pest control companies require at least 3-5 days before the premises can be reoccupied. With ThermaPure™ by
R-TECH Industries Limited, no move outs are required.

Thermal Pest Eradication

Heat is an ecological and technological breakthrough in treating entire structures like single family homes, apartments, condominiums, hospitals, nursing facilities, medical laboratories, offices and industrial complexes. Heat eliminates moulds, fungi, bacteria, drywood termites, powder post beetles, carpenter ants, and other wood destroying insects.

ThermaPure™ by
R-TECH Industries Limited can be used in situations where gas fumigations cannot be applied such as multi-unit apartments, hotel rooms and condominiums. ThermaPure™ utilizes a controlled air distribution system and as such tenting and sealing of the area (as in Toxic Gas Fumigations) is not necessary. Heat can treat small areas, small units (condo), or entire structures with a single application in 6-8 hours.

Most importantly the cost of acquiring ThermaPure™ by
R-TECH Industries Limited is comparable to gas fumigations. The final analysis has shown that it is much cheaper since move-outs are not required.

No Hotter Than A Sauna

While laboratory tests have proven 120° F for 30 minutes is lethal to wood destroying insects, heat trained technicians raise temperatures to 160°F, no hotter than a sauna to achieve 130°F wood-core temperatures for 1 hour. This ensures that wood destroying insects and their eggs do not survive. Heat also disinfects the area by eliminating most bacteria, odors and fungi. Any heat sensitive items like TVs, stereos and computers are easily removed or protected with thermal blankets. Items that can melt easily (such as chocolates, make-up, etc) can be placed in a refrigerator. Items such as plants, artwork, candles, plastic, and CDs are temporarily removed from the treatment area.

Heat Is More Effective Than Other Non-chemical Methods

In a five year study of termite eradication methods ordered by the California Structural Pest Control Board and conducted by the University of California, heat was the only non-chemical method to successfully treat entire structures.

Other non-chemical methods such as Freezing, Electrogun and Microwave may be effective in small areas, but cannot treat entire structures in one application.
Heat has been used for years in the pasteurization industry, laboratory tests have shown that temperature as low as 130ºF is lethal to termites and most other insect species in less than 10 minutes!

Why Some Consumers Prefer Heat Over Fumigation

· No chemicals
· No Move out
· No Odor
· No roof damage
· No bagging of food and medicine
· No harm to pets and plants

Heat Is Clean And 100% Efficient- Satisfied Customers

"The Heat treatment didn't cost any more than fumigation and we got our money's worth because we didn't have to move out or bag our food. The job was done in 6 hours and all the termites were killed without chemicals."
Donna Condor, Homeowner

"I didn't want to relocate my employees for several days while a company sprayed for bugs. The treatment was done overnight. The next day it was business as usual"
Jerry Styner, Business owner

Structural Fumigations:

Fumigations are a safe and effective way to control drywood termites. They are cost effective, usually costing less than other treatment options. Fumigations do not have any residual. This means once you return to your home there is no need to wash dishes, furniture, clothing etc... Preparing is not that difficult, it includes carefully reading all documents provided by the termite company. All people, plants and pets must be removed from the structure. Trim plants away from the house and remove or bag up the food and medicines. Then you get a two-day vacation, and you’re done. Millions of homeowners battle termite infestations every year and many of their homes are treated by whole-structure fumigation with Vikane* gas fumigant. The following answers to common questions about structural fumigations will provide peace of mind as you prepare your home for fumigation with Vikane, the most effective way to eliminate drywood termites.

What is Vikane gas Fumigant?

Vikane is a colorless, odorless gas that is non-detectable by people during fumigation, as well as non-staining, non-corrosive and non-flammable. As a gas Vikane dissipates into the atmosphere and does not deplete the ozone.

What is the fumigation process?

The fumigation process usually takes 24 to 48 hours. Your professional fumigator tents your home with large tarps, prepares the interior, seals the tarps, and releases the warning agent. (chloropicrin) into the structure. Then, your fumigator introduces Vikane through a special hose attached to a fumigant cylinder located outside your home.

Contained in the structure for a predetermined time, the fumigant penetrates deep into wood to eliminate drywood termites. After the fumigation is complete, your fumigator aerates and certifies the fumigant from your home, allowing you and your family to re-enter.


Certified On-Site Wood Pallet Heat Treating

As of September 2005, all exported wood products to other countries need to be compliant with the IPPC international standard 1SPM 15 to regulate wood and wood packaging in international trade.
R-TECH Industries Limited will lead the industry in providing this service right in our own facility. Our guarantee of this certification of compliance is essential to ensure cross border and international flow of goods for our customers. R-TECH Industries Limited is certified in heat treating wood containers.

Why use heat-treated wooden pallets?

Heat-treated pallets comply with standards. You wouldn't think that the United Nations would have a hand in regulating something so common as the wooden pallet, would you? Well, in March 2002, the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC), an international treaty relating to plant health, passed a measure requiring that all solid wood packaging (including both hardwoods and softwoods) be heat-treated or fumigated before they can be imported into any of the member countries that are part of the convention. That changed everything in the pallet business.

ISPM 15 Treatment Requirements

R-TECH Industries Limited is certified for ISPM 15

The IPPC edict, known as ISPM 15, gives wood packaging manufacturers the option of heat treatment, requiring that the wood core temperature reaches a minimum of 56 degrees Centigrade (132.8 F), for 30 minutes, or that the wood be fumigated to a prescribed specification with methyl bromide. All ISPM 15 compliant wood is then stamped with an approved mark signifying that is meets the ISPM 15 standards.

Heat Treatment or Chemical Bath. Which is best?

R-TECH Industries Limited promotes heat-treating pallets?

We think that heat-treatment is the only safe method for two reasons. First, we are all aware that the chemical methyl bromide is being phased out of use due to its toxicity and its alleged effects of contributing to the Ozone level depletion problem.
R-TECH Industries Limited believes that the use of this chemical creates the potential for legal liability both for you, the shipper, as well as creating intolerable health risks for our employees and all humans who come in contact during the loading, shipping, and unloading operations. Heat treatment is safe and effective and has no legal implications.

Make the safe choice

Comply with ISPM 15 through heat treating

Our ISPM 15 heat-treated pallets are the only logical choice for any company involved in international shipping of palletized goods. All of our pallets bear the ISPM 15 approved mark which means that your shipments will not be delayed at international ports due to ISPM 15 concerns. Our patented process draws 100% outside air through heaters to create a positive pressure in the enclosed structure. The
R-TECH Industries Limited system is versatile, with the ability to maintain or reduce moisture, while heat treating your product to match your customers needs. This total package is everything you need to obtain your Heat Treatment (HT) Certification.

Rohan Goolcharan - Managing Director
Devika Jogie - Director
Vishwanath Jokhan - Fumigation Technician

R-Tech Industries Limited
57 Tenth Street,

Phone: (868) 674-4321 , (868) 682-7504 , (868) 638-1565


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