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Pro-Tint Distributors is an establishment that was introduced about 10 years ago. We are in the market of supplying, installing and distribution of a high quality film in Trinidad & Tobago. LLumar Window Film is of the highest professional grade films in the United States and Pro Tint is the sole distributor of it here in Trinidad.

LLumar Window Film is available in Automotive, Commercial/Residential, Safety and Security and Decorative Lines. From the inside, LLumar has a pleasant, glare and distortion free view and from the outside it has a uniform appearance that compliments any vehicle or building’s design, including a scratch resistant coating on all films.

Pro-Tint strives on the slogan, Professional Film……Professionally Installed.  We believe in the quality products and tools that we supply and give a warranty behind it, based on the grade of film used. The benefits of using LLumar Window Film above any other is it increases comfort by reducing heat and glare, reduces cooling cost, helps prevent premature fading of draperies, furniture, upholstery and even carpeting, it can add a visual appeal and in some cases enhances privacy issues.

In the Automotive industry, Pro-Tint is currently the contractor for Toyota Trinidad and Tobago Limited. We are also the suppliers of LLumar Window Film to Neal and Massy Motors and Barmotors Limited. The Automotive line of films is available in various shades, colors and specifications.

In the Commercial/Residential line of films, we have managed to attain contracts to do work for PCS Nitrogen, Petrotrin, T&TEC, TT Post, Mr. De Silva (new Building – Port of Spain) and Ministry of Works (Tobago), just to name a few. Mainly, this line of films can range from just keeping heat and glare out to allowing one to have the utmost privacy with our Blackout (opaque) films and even our Decorative line of films. Decorative Films can actually provide an attractive finish to internal partitions, whether it is at home or at the office.

With our Safety and Security Films it can actually give our customers the reassurance of feeling safe in their vehicles, homes and offices. It protects glass from violent breakages, accidental breakage, windborne debris, seismic protection e.g.: earthquakes (flying shards of glass) and anti-graffiti/vandalism protection. This heavy duty film provides a clear but powerful barrier of protection that helps to hold glass in place, in the event it shatters, thus reduces damage or likelihood of injury form flying glass.

Commercial & Flat Glass Tinting

Caribbean Money Market Brokers

Ramsingh's Sports World

Club Opal

Cupunia Dental Surgery Clinic


Flat Glass Treatment


Room/Window Before Tinting

Room/Window After Tinting

Room/Window Before Tinting

Room/Window After Tinting

Edison Before

Edison After

Erickson Building

Decorative Film

LLumar decorative film does more than enhance aesthetics - it serves vital functions, and can be applied to:

  • Glass Partitions

  • Retail Displays

  • Walkways

  • Office Doors

  • Conference Rooms

  • Private Spaces

LLumar decorative films can be used to:

  • Make glass surfaces clearly and beautifully visible

  • To delineate passageways

  • Enhance safety in public spaces

  • Add flexibility to displays

LLumar film can even add solar protection to sun-drenched spaces.


LLumar lets you burn up the road, while keeping your car's interior cool and comfortable. The film rejects a full 99% of the sun's ultraviolet rays and repels heat - so you keep your cool... and all the while your car looks hotter than ever.
Reduce Heat & Glare - Stop heat and glare from intruding into your vehicle and enjoy a more comfortable, safer drive.
Reject 99% UV Rays - Reduce sun damage to you car's interior and increase your skin protection from the sun's dangerous rays.

Professional Installation is guaranteed.

Stay Cool - Window Films

With LLumar's High Performance Resin (HPR) adhesive, the film smoothly hugs your vehicle – no bubbling or cracking. And, professionally applied, the durable film will stay looking smart, resist scratches and provide optical clarity for years to come.

LLumar window film is a laminate of high performance metallized polyester film that provides significant solar insulation when applied to glass surfaces.
LLumar films are manufactured using a state of the art sputtering process that applies metal alloys to a base film. Layers are assembled and finished with a strong scratch-resistant coating.

LLumar films are available in reflective and non-reflective finishes and can be clear, colored, or patterned to blend with various design schemes. Depending on the film selected, LLumar can cut from 12 to 93 percent of incoming light, eliminate 99% of the harmful ultraviolet radiation to protect fabrics and finishes, block 92% of glare and cut up to 76% of solar heat gain through the glass.

Maintain Comfortable Interior Temperatures – Stop Unwanted Heat, Glare and UV rays - Allow Sunlight Through.

Safety and Security Film

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