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Company Profile

A registered company that has operated successfully for over four years, AARELL is headed by a dynamic  team of Civil Engineers who have worked in the building construction industry for a combined total of 40 years both here and overseas.

AARELL's Directors hold membership of the Board of Engineers of Trinidad and Tobago and the Association of Professional Engineers of Trinidad and Tobago.

AARELL PROJECTS MANAGERS are accomplished construction managers and engineers. We are not architects, we are custom home designers as well as a construction managers and engineers who have worked with home-building companies and general contractors for over twenty years. With their background in home construction, we have an excellent understanding of the union between custom home design and construction, from the most practical aspects to the fine aesthetic details. AARELL PROJECTS MANAGERS have been active in custom home design since 1996 and have a track record in getting projects completed on time and within budget. AARELL PROJECTS MANAGERS know how to listen carefully to their clients thereby gaining the insight needed to create the custom tailored design that will best suit their dreams, their tastes, their lifestyles, and their budget.

Our Mission

To provide a comprehensive, high-tech, high-quality, affordable solution to prospective home-owners both locally and abroad.

To provide professional assistance to clients desirous of fulfilling their dream of owning a well-designed, well-constructed structure in the shortest possible time and at the lowest possible cost

Project Management:- If construction management is implemented during the pre-construction phase of the project, significant budget and schedule control can be achieved through fine-tuning of the design. Since the Aarell Project Managers Ltd are experienced in construction management, they have both the expertise and decision making authority to represent the owner in the management of the project.

Planning:- Pre-construction services are frequently believed to entail only estimating services. These are important, but Aarell Project Managers Ltd believes that a more proactive management of the design phase of a project will help to assure that the design reflects the budget, schedule, and design needs of the client. Experience has shown that as much as 80% of control of budget and schedule are within the design phase of the project. Aarell Project Managers Ltd actively utilizes a pre-construction services approach that provides this proactive management to its clients.

          Project Management Services Offered

Quantity Surveyors estimates, Preparation of Tender Documents and Evaluation of Tenders; Preparation of Construction Bar Charts/Timelines; Schedule Analysis and Control; Budget Analysis and Control; Specialist Material Procurement; Contractor monitoring, coordination and control; Project Closeout.

Designs & Plans

Like building a hand-crafted piece of furniture or kitchen cabinets for your home, our custom home design plans offer the superior quality of being well-crafted yet at a reasonable price. We take pride in each design as well as in the construction plans, resulting in our greatest rewards which come form the praise we receive from our clients as well as builders who work from our plans.

          Engineering Surveys

Topographic surveys, Land Boundary surveys, Construction Setting-out, construction surveys using Electronic Total Stations and Data Recorders, quality electronic measurement tools that meet or exceed the specifications of the current guidelines.

Providing REAL construction solutions to Local or Overseas Clients in Trinidad & Tobago and the Caribbean.
Are you thinking of building your dream home or retirement villa here in Trinidad & Tobago ?
Do you want to avoid the bad experiences suffered by others like you with similar intentions? 
When it comes to the hassle of building or renovating a residential property, don't you wish you had a “one-stop” shop that offered the professional project management services that would offer you the results you want?

Why use Aarell Project Managers Ltd?

What our clients have to say about us:

"....AARELL's designs for my home got through the Approvals process with a minimum of questions being asked."

".....made sure that a comprehensive set of documents were provided to the Contractors for their quotations so that he couldn't claim that items had not been allowed for in his price.:

"....AARELL kept the Contractor in line,....negotiated monthly valuations with the Contractor so that at no time he was overpaid...."


".....prices were very reasonable for the depth of the services provided...."


Mrs. Lori-Anne Scott - Managing Director
Mr. Richard Scott - Managing Director

Aarell Project Managers Ltd.
3 Halite Terrace, via Hilltop Drive
Champs Fleurs

Phone: (868) 645-7891
Fax: (868) 645-8850


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