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"Excellence In Medical Care"

MEDICAL ASSOCIATES is a user friendly healthcare institution which is equipped with many of the foremost Specialists in the Region and with courteous and efficient nurses and staff who are, at all times ready, to offer advice and assistance.

The Hospital stands as a landmark in St.Joseph, Trinidad W.I. Located on a slightslope it enjoys a majestic view of the Caroni Plains and its surroundings, with beautiful Samaan Trees hovering over the front of our recently renovated building.

Having been in operation since 1979, we at Medical Associates, with our warm and friendly nurses and staff await your arrival and look forward to being of service to you!


Rooms at Medical Associates are spacious and comfortable. Executive rooms, which provide a verandah view over the beautiful St. Joseph Park, are equipped with personal phone, cable TV and well appointed en-suite bathrooms. Single, double and triple rooms are also available, all in an atmosphere of calm efficiency.

Medical Associates has a complement of many of the foremost Specialists in the Region under one roof.

The range of surgical procedures offered includes the following just to name a few:

ENT (EAR, Nose, Throat) –
Tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy
Insertion of Grommets
Laryngectomy (Frozen Section)
Sinus Surgery (FESS)

Eye Surgery –
Cataract Extraction
Glaucoma - Trabeculectomy
Endo- Laser Vitrectomy

Orthopaedics –
Joint Replacement of Shoulders, Hips, Knees
ACL Reconstruction
Femoral Nailing
Tibial nailing
Plating and Screws
Austin Moore Prosthesis
Dynamic Hip Screw (DHS)
Urological Surgery -
Endo Laser Urological Procedures
Prostatic Procedures
TURP (treatment of prostatectomy)
Brachy Therapy (radioactive seed implant for prostate cancer)
Cystoscopy (stent insertion)
Others -
Maxillo - Facial Procedures
Laparoscopic procedures -
Tubal Ligation

The medical practices are supported by diagnostic and specialised services which include the following:

24 Hour Accident & Emergency
Exercise Stress Testing
Executive Medical Programme
General X-Ray Procedures
Intensive Care Unit (ICU)
Antenatal Management
Blood Chemistry Laboratory
Microbiology Laboratory

Nutrition Consultation -
Weight Management
Diet Control
Obstetrics & Gynaecology
Breast Examination Clinic

Infertility Clinic -
Male Factor:
Semen Analysis
Sperm Washing (for IUI)
Artificial Insemination

Female Factor:
Ovulation Induction
Tubal Reconstruction

GYN Cancer Detection and Management -
Pap Smear
Loup Electro Excision Procedure

In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) -
Orhodox IVF
Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI)
Embryo Cryopreservation



We offer 24 hour Emergency Ambulance Service.

You can call our direct Ambulance Hotline at 645-0315 in case of an emergency or for more information.


Medical associates laboratory, established in 1997, was initially designed to serve the in-patients of the nursing home. However, it was soon extended to service the needs of doctors and patients outside the nursing home.

At present the staff consists of 4 medical technicians and a receptionist/phlebotomist. The lab is open to the public from 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday and 8am – 1pm on Saturdays.

The following is a brief listing of the tests available at medical associates laboratory: -


The Medical Associates Assisted Reproduction Unit(est.1996) was the first to have offered In-vitro Fertilization (IVF) and other related procedures to the English speaking Caribbean. These modern methods of fertility treatment are used for resistant types or difficult forms of infertility. Orthodox IVF is the most common and was developed for women with absent, blocked, or abnormal fallopian tubes. Many modifications have come on stream in recent years and avenues have opened up for successful treatment of male infertility, endometriosis, inadequate or absent ovulation and in cases of unexplained infertility.

IVF includes the following steps:
1) Hormonal Ovulation Induction
2) Egg Retrieval
3) Sperm Preparation and Insemination
4) Embryo Transfer/Replacement

In our Unit, all procedures are carried out on an outpatient basis and the only hospital admission is for a few hours on the day of egg retrieval from the ovaries. This takes place under very light anaesthesia in the operating theatre. Embryo transfer also takes place in the operating theatre but there is no need for an anaesthetic at all. As a result, couples may continue with their normal routine at work without requesting time off and without attracting undue attention from colleagues, friends and family members. There is no need to travel abroad, so that for locals, this means no loss of income and for clients within the region, their travelling
distance is relatively short and thus, much less costly. For foreign clients we have a selected group of nearby families who provide bed and breakfast facilities at very reasonable rates.


This procedure has provided revolutionary opportunities for success in cases where very few sperm are available which, even in routine IVF, would not be sufficient. In this procedure, a viable sperm is injected into each mature egg under high magnification using a specialized microscope and micro-injectors and very fine glass needles. Pregnancy and delivery rates are at least as good as for conventional IVF. A minor risk is the possibility of damage to the egg, but this occurs in only a very
small percentage of eggs injected.

Embryologist at ICSI Machine



In cases of severe male factor infertility, where no sperm are available in the semen because of absent or blocked vas deferens, the PESA procedure may prove to be successful in obtaining sperm from the tubes (epididymis) which stores the sperm after production in the testes. PESA is very effective in men who have had previous vasectomy. The sperms are retrieved from the storage site by using a fine needle to drain the fluid in which the sperms are found and the sperms are then used for ICSI as
described above.
In some cases, sperms are absent from the ejaculate due to inadequate production, but if active sperm production sites are detected on testicular biopsy, collection may be performed from the testes as well. Both procedures are usually performed under light anaesthesia on the day of egg collection from the female partner.


If more than three embryos result from the IVF procedure, (two or three are normally used for transfer) the remaining embryos can be cryopreserved if the couple so desire. These resulting spare embryos are stored with careful record keeping and security
precautions. They can then be thawed and used in future attempts, either if the original IVF or ICSI procedures were to fail or if the couple decided to increase their family size. The usual survival rate of embryos after the freeze/thaw process is 75% i.e. 2 out of 3. There have been thousands of live born infants resulting from the replacement of frozen/thawed embryos. Based on available data, there is no indication that cryopreservation increases or decreases the rate of fetal malformation as compared to natural conception and pregnancy.

For further information or an appointment you can contact us at:

Tel: (868) 662-6171,2356,3259,2766; [email protected]
Fax: (868) 662-6171


The state-of-the-art Eye Clinic offers a range of services including:

Photography: for diagnosis and follow up of eye diseases.

Flourescein Angiography: to identify the diseased area of the retina needing Laser Treatment, e.g. in diabetes and Age Related Macula Degeneration.

Ocular B-Scan Ultrasound: for diagnosing diseases of the eye and orbit.

Laser Surgery: Our “State-of-the-Art” Argon and Diode Lasers are used for the prevention of blindness from diabetic retinopathy. It is also used in the treating of other retinal diseases and Glaucoma.

The ND YAG Laser: for non-invasive (without cutting) opening of the posterior capsule to restore vision, when necessitated by clouding of the capsule, after cataract surgery.


• Blocked tear ducts in children and adults
• Modern Cataract extraction and lens implantation (98% restoration of normal vision in the absence of other eye diseases.)
• Corneal Transplant (Graft)
• Eye injuries
• Glaucoma – Trabeculectomy
• Ptosis or Droopy eyelids
• Retinal Detachment
• Strabismus surgery for crossed eyes
• Vitrectomy surgery for complicated Diabetic Eye Disease


Medical Associates is outfitted with a modern and spacious delivery room. There is a modern delivery bed and a foetal monitor providing continuous foetal monitoring during the delivery. A wall oxygen unit as well as portable and wall suction units are present. Mothers-to-be have the option of epidural anaesthesia. Patients can enter with the peace of mind that they are attended to by competent and professionally trained Midwives and NIC Nurses.


Medical Associates offers a well equipped Nursery. The equipment and services offered at the nursery include incubator, phototherapy, IV therapy (infusion pump), a head box and a scale.Babies are monitored on a 24 hour basis by competent and professionally trained Nurses.

Come experience our baby friendly environment!


Medical Associates has three (3) state of the art operating theatres. Each Operating Theatre is spacious and well equipped with modern equipment and good monitoring systems so that patients can rest assured of competent and comfortable environment at Medical Associates.


We offer a state-of-the-art Intensive Care Unit (ICU) facility, with competent and professionally trained Nurses. The services and facilities offered include 2 ventilators, cardiac monitor, Dinamap, blood gas machine and infusion and pain relief pumps.


The Medical Associates Pharmacy

We offer prompt and efficient service in catering for your pharmaceutical needs. We have a wide range of both, prescription and non-prescription drugs, health supplements, blood glucose and blood pressure monitors, pregnancy test kits, toiletries, baby supplies, films, stationery, phone cards, newspapers and magazines, gift items etc. at competitive prices. Discounts are available to senior citizens.

Medical Associates Hospital
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